Vincent Harris
"Here’s the bottom line. Books
you don’t read can’t possibly
do you any good. The
Productivity Epiphany will help
you improve your life because
you will read it and enjoy it in
the process."

Hank Trisler
Author of NO BULL
"The Productivity Epiphany
shows us that becoming more
effective in life doesn’t always
come down to a single
formula; huge leaps forward
often result from those "ah ha"
moments that seem to come
from nowhere. When you read
Vince’s book, you'll know
where your epiphanies came

Tom Antion
Past President: National
Capital Speakers
Association, and Author of
The Ultimate Guide to
Electronic Marketing for
Small Business
"The Productivity Epiphany is
loaded with wisdom, new
ways to see ourselves and
others, and entertaining stories
that allow us to see things in
an entirely new and supportive
light. If you are ready to
experience a bunch of
epiphanies of your own, this is
the book for you.”

Dr. Joe Rubino
Founder, Center For
Personal Reinvention
Creator, Self-Esteem System
"If you are looking for that
“Life Manual” you can take
with you as well as to the
bank, this is it! It’s a home
run, Vince, great job!”

Harlan Goerger
President H. Goerger &
Associates, Author of The
Selling Gap
"The brain can consciously
help you lose weight, get things
done and in general change.
Consciousness is strong but
non-consciousness usually
wins out because conscious
strength needs to be trained to
win the “friendly battle” with
the no conscious.Vince Harris,
in this brilliant new book is
going to show you how to do
just that."

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.
Author of The Psychology of
"The Productivity Epiphany
provides a steady stream of
thought provoking insights you
can use to ramp up your
productivity in all areas of life.
It's full of unusual and
unpredictable insights and
tools, yet written in a way that
will comfortably jar your mind
into new ways of perceiving
and understanding. This is one
book you can't afford to be

Mollie Marti, Ph.D.
CEO, Best Life Design and
Author of The 12 Factors of
Business Success
Praise for
The Productivity Epiphany:
Vincent Harris, Professional Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Body Language,Time Management

"The Productivity Epiphany is bursting with insights that will allow you
to be more productive and get more enjoyment out of life. Vince Harris
shares the wisdom that is the result of hundreds of coaching sessions
with his clients over the last decade-and much, much more. This book
belongs in your personal development library!"

Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of The Attractor Factor,
Self-Made Multi-Millionaire and Star of the Hit Movie and
New York Times Bestselling Book
The Secret
Chapter Titles:
  1. Effortlessly Bypassing Resistance
  2. You Better Get that Chip ON Your Shoulder
  3. Stop! There Was NOT a Gorilla on the Court
  4. You Could Live Like a King, but Why Stoop to That Level?
  5. Radio Station K-BAD MOOD
  6. The Most Important 1/3 of Your Life
  7. Saying Hello Without Saying a Word
  8. Forget About Becoming Bi-Lingual, You Better Become Tri-Lingual
  9. They Lied About Pride
  10. Do Not Imitate Custer's Last Stand
  11. Melting Resistance with Stories
  12. The Power of Praise
  13. The Consequences of the Britney Spears "Buzz Cut"
  14. Lessons from the Hardy Women of the North
  15. What If Everyone Were Naked?
  16. Get to Bed Early and Behave More Ethically
  17. You Mean the Nazi's Weren't Evil Demons?
  18. Nothing You Fear Losing Can Be the True Source of Your Happiness
  19. How Becoming More Productive is Like Brushing Your Teeth
  20. You Probably Won't Believe This
  21. We Are Equal as Far as Worth Is Concerned, and That's About It
  22. What You Can Learn by Eavesdroppping at McDonald's
  23. Changing Beliefs with Moby Dick
  24. Talk Yourself to Sleep
  25. Don't Change Your Mind-Just Turn It Around
  26. Hypnotized by an 11 Year Old Under a Maple Tree
  27. You'd Never Put Up with This From Someone Else
  28. Thinking From a Higher Level
  29. Facing Changes by Changing Faces
  30. Have You Gone Over Your Threshold?
  31. Truth or Consequences
  32. Did He Just Ask Me a Question?
  33. Why the Words "Vince Harris" Are the Most Powerful Words in the
  34. Are They Really Made Or  Are You Really Wrong?
  35. Dealing with Reality Once and for All
  36. The Real Reason Why You Don't Belch in Church
  37. Why Time Goes Faster Each Year
  38. Better Not Use That Finger
  39. The Painfully Happy Way of Getting Things Done
  40. High Self-Esteem or Idiot?
  41. Travels Through the State of Confusion
  42. Exploit Your Strengths and Ignore Your Weaknesses
  43. Did Earl Nightingale Know About the RAS?
  44. Using the Brain of a Waiter to Get Ahead
  45. Are You Doing the Right Things, or Just Doing Things Right?
  46. What Does Your Life Mean?
  47. The Cocktail Factor
  48. Be a "Pen" Head and Choose Your Friends Wisely
  49. Donnie and Marie and a Big Round of Applause
  50. The Reason Mona Lisa Smiles
  51. Voted Most Likely to Be Happy
  52. A Different Kind of Body Language
  53. Eye Spy Productive Feelings
  54. The Spin Zone
  55. Stand Up and Be Counted
  56. A Jaw Dropping Experience
  57. Ho'oponopono Who?
  58. My Wife Confirmed My Fear-Thank Goodness She Was Wrong
  59. It's How the Story's Told That Matters Most
Vincent Harris
Body Language Expert
and Author of
The Productivity Epiphany

"Could This Really Be the
Most Useful Book You Read
This Year?"

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