Vincent Harris, Speaker
Vince Harris

Brief Biography

Vince Harris is the author of the book The Productivity Epiphany
and a superb professional speaker who delivers thought
provoking information-and compelling entertainment-to the
thinking audience. With his diverse experiences, he is comfortable
and conversant with individuals on any level. You can count on
Vince to candidly present the inside story, unheard by most, to
give his audiences a genuine edge.

Vince earned his undergraduate degree in education from
Graceland University, and completed his Master's degree in
psychology. Vincent is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in a Health
Psychology track program.

After graduating with honors from The Naval School of Health
Sciences,while serving in the United States Navy, Vince  was
asked to take the position of the Senior Corpsman on the
Oncology and Cardiology wards at the San Diego Naval Medical
Center. He also enjoyed time in the field of Sports Medicine at the
Naval Training Center. It was during this time that Vince
discovered his ability to quickly facilitate growth in others with his
unique style of communication.

After exiting the Navy, Vince gained valuable nursing and further
management experience as a head nurse for one of the Marriott's
most prestigious assisted living centers in San Diego, California ,
and then during a very unique and interesting time in corrections,
managing an AD/SEG unit of 125 inmates and providing all
aspects of their medical care.

Seeking a new challenge, he formed his own consulting business
in 1998. An extremely charismatic speaker and trainer, he was
immediately sought out to conduct trainings and high energy
keynotes in his area of expertise. He has also worked one-on-
one with numerous clients to discover needs and develop custom

His sharp material and spontaneous style ensure motivation is re-
ignited, perspectives reframed and possibilities are uncovered for
every every presentation or training he delivers.

In addition to his book and his popular audio programs, Vince has
also published over 500 articles.

Each of Vince's programs is customized with precision to match
the specific needs of your group or organization. Your people will
quickly learn leading edge strategies to achieve  greater success.

Find out why people like MTV, CNN, The Early Show. The Daily
Show with Jon Stewart and Fox News call Vince when they need
expert insight into human behavior and accelerated behavioral


“Vince, I have wanted to let you know how truly helpful you have
been in helping me overcome my excessive worrying. I can’t find
the right words but I’ll try. With dealing day to day with what I
have considered a crippling malady for twenty years, I thought
over and over to myself "well I thought my way into this, I can
think my way out". Over time however, it became more of a
dream faded and something I had to live with like a missing limb.
The very first time i talked with you though, it hit me hard that
anxiety though debilitating to me was rather easy to deal with.
The methods you used with me were very easy and gave me a
real sense of hope for the first time in a number of years. I am
forever grateful for what you have done for me. Anyone that tells
you its hard work, or requires a drug or years of therapy needs
only talk with you for a little while. Thank you again for all you
have given me, you’re truly doing god's work sir.”

Eric Cross
Camdenton, Missouri

Head Start

"Hello Vince! I just wanted to
tell you how much I enjoyed
the seminar yesterday. I have
attended several seminars in
the past few years and never
have I taken so much away.
Please let me know if you are
ever in the area presenting
again. I know everyone from
our office really enjoyed your
presentation. Thank you!"

Lindsey McIntyre
University of Notre Dame

"I have seen many
professional speakers in my
time, and Vince Harris is one
of the most naturally gifted  I
have ever had the pleasure of
watching. Vince is a
professional speaker in the
truest sense. His enthusiasm
literally warms the whole

- Linda Masters,
Entrepreneur, business
Lucas, Iowa
Vince Harris, Professional Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Body Language,Time Management
Vince Harris
Body Language Expert and
Author of
The Productivity Epiphany
When Vince's schedule allows, he still conducts one-on- one,
face to face, telephone and video sessions with those seeking
to quickly and effectively address a challenge or problem