RSBD Stop Smoking Method
Vincent Harris, M.S.
Human Behavior and Bestselling Author of Secrets for Getting Things Done
Vincent Harris, M.S.
Author of the
bestselling book
Secrets for Getting
Things Done

What other kind of training and education does Vince have?

Vince has trained with Janine Driver, former Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Agent and graduated from her
Body Language Institute.

He also trained with
Ronald Reagan's former Secret Service Agent, Mark
McClish in statement analysis and deception detection and was certified by

Vince was certified as "Expert" status with
Dr. Paul Ekman, the world's foremost
expert on facial expressions and detecting lies and deception.

Vince was one of the first non-federal government or non-Law Enforcement  
Officers to be ever invited to the prestigious
Gavin de Becker and Associates
Threat Assessment Training.
This training is by invitation only, and is most
often attended by those in the
CIA, Secret Service, Delta Force, SEAL Team
and others like them.

In addition to having seen clients one on one for the last twenty years, Vince has
also delivered trainings all over the United States and abroad for
Fortune 500
and some of the most widely known businesses and corporations on
the planet.

He is often asked to share his insights on human behavior with major
publications, talk shows and media/news stations.

I have wondered if people who do seminars just want my money?

The key word is "just." To be sure, of course Vince wants your money. This is his
business. It's how he pays his bills and supports his family. Yes...he wants your
money. Without question. Now, does he "just" want your money? Of course not.
Vince discovered his unique gift over twenty years ago. He's one of the best. He
absolutely loves what he does, and is very passionate about helping others
achieve their goals. Thus, why he has done this for twenty years, now. And,
because, like you, he also has bills to pay, he happily accepts your money in
exchange for his uniques services.

If you want to work with one of the best in the business, when you work with Vince
Harris,you will be.

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Even More of Your Questions
"Vince Harris helped
me quit a nasty 30
year smoking
habit...and the best
part? It was
easy..seriously. He
also helped my wife
with her fear of
Gecko's. An amazing
guy with incredible

-Mile Ady

"Vince wiped out my
life long phobia of
insects in an hour! I
had seen others for
help. Nothing worked.
Vince is wizard like,
I'm telling you. I was
about to lose my job
because of my phobia.
He saved my job.

Uthana Tincher,
Dededo, Guam

"Vincent is just one of
those stand up and
stand out guys! I am
very happy with the
results I have had
since going to Vince
for help. The  
techniques that he
shared yield far more
power than that
anything I had ever
encountered before,
and the skill with
which he uses them is
unparalleled. The
bottom line? I have
lost 21 lbs and I didn't
have to work hard!"

-Pat Adams
"Vince has a relevant message that has the
opportunity to change peoples lives. Don't
miss the opportunity to see this guy!"

-Mark Boyd
Metro Group, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah